Obtaining Competitive Advantages With Decentralized Technology

Sources: state of the dapps and dappradar.

Blockchain-Use Case Fit

Source: The Battle of the Protocols — Bitassist Research, James Bennett

Open Innovation

Strong Community

Using Existing Technology in Ecosystems

Transforming User Experience

  • Trust layer: there is no central party to ensure transactions are valid.
  • Permissionless: accessible to anyone, anywhere.
  • Censorship resistant: no central party can block or control transactions.
  • Programmable: applications are controlled by software and code.
  • Transparency: code is open sourced.

Learning Advantages

Final Thoughts

Source: INSEAD Knowledge Base.




Entrepreneur | Tech | Crypto | Blockchain | CFA

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Drew Currah

Drew Currah

Entrepreneur | Tech | Crypto | Blockchain | CFA

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